Now trending: Bucket bags

Now trending: bucket bags
I have been loving bucket bags lately! I want to invest in a new fun bag and I think a mini bucket bag is perfect for summertime. I love that they can fit a lot even though they are still small. That mini Marc by Marc Jacobs bag might be my favorite ;)
These next few weeks are packed with exams, final projects and papers as school winds down. It’s hard to believe that I’ll be graduating in less than a month! Time surely has flown by. I just have a few more days of classes and then all I have to worry about is what dress to wear to graduation!

Take me to: Paris {Packing for France}

I can’t believe I leave for Paris in just a few short days. It feels like yesterday when my sister sent me the tickets. I’ve been to Europe before,  but not Paris. I am so very excited to be in the city and practice French. All my life I have admired Paris and now I get to see it with my very own eyes — ahh!
Take me to: Paris {Packing for France}
Have any of you been to Paris? Any recommendations on what I should bring along (and what I should leave at home)?
I’m so excited. I might not be able to update my blog as much as I’d like (but I will try to!) so, you can see my daily snaps via my Instagram here (handle: @uffashionfiles).

Valentine’s Day: Gifts under $75

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner–can you believe it? Normally I just like the holiday for all of the extremely delicious and discounted candy on February 15, but I keep stumbling across so many cute gifts! I know it’s not traditional, but I love treating my mom, sister and friends with little trinkets, and even myself, too (shh!).
Valentine's Day 2
Don’t forget to add some chocolate!

Fashion Class 101: Pronunciation

Skimming down the endless list of fashion labels, you may feel like you’re reading another language. Technically, you are. Most designer brands stem from Europe, so the pronunciation isn’t always exactly what you read.

Save yourself future embarrassment from mispronouncing a brand’s name with a crash course on how to say the names of some of the most popular high fashion labels.


Perhaps one of the most famous of brands, the notorious double-c’s label is also notorious for incorrect spelling, and pronunciation. Don’t be one of those people.


This one is tough. It’s French, and the T’s are usually not emphasized.


Probably the most confusing, and misunderstood, word. It doesn’t make any sense (no surprise there). Don’t pronounce the A like apple, say it like lawn instead. Same goes for the I, weirdly enough.


Although this shoe was plastered all over Sex And the City (and the early 2000s), its name still gets butchered. It’s not hard – just don’t over-think it.


I’m sure you’ve heard of this brand, one way or another. This one’s easy – just drop the S.


A little more unknown, but this brand has been on the rise and you’ll want to know how to correctly say their name. It’s about as French as it gets.

HermesFamous for their Birkin bag; infamous for people emphasizing the H in their name. It’s silent, guys.

At the end of the day, if you don’t know how to say a certain brand-it’s okay! People flub words all the time. Don’t take it too seriously and just have fun with it.

Plus, it’s fun to feel a little French every time you say Chanel.