Now trending: Bucket bags

Now trending: bucket bags
I have been loving bucket bags lately! I want to invest in a new fun bag and I think a mini bucket bag is perfect for summertime. I love that they can fit a lot even though they are still small. That mini Marc by Marc Jacobs bag might be my favorite ;)
These next few weeks are packed with exams, final projects and papers as school winds down. It’s hard to believe that I’ll be graduating in less than a month! Time surely has flown by. I just have a few more days of classes and then all I have to worry about is what dress to wear to graduation!

leopard + army



These past few weeks have gone by so quickly! It feels like Halloween was yesterday but it’s hard to believe that it was 3 weeks ago. I love fall semester for many reasons, but especially for the holidays. There’s nothing like going home after stressful exams. I can’t wait to go back and have a yummy Thanksgiving dinner!! Going away to college really makes you appreciate a home-cooked meal.

I wore this look a while back during one of Florida’s freak (but always nice!) cool fronts. It is always tricky to decide what to wear in fall/winter (finter? wall?), especially in my hometown near the beach. I find that layers is always the key. I piled on my favorite army jacket on top of my go-to Zara dress and stole my sister’s leopard scarf. Also, have you noticed how obsessed I am with these Bauble Bar earrings?

DSCF7174 DSCF7176 DSCF7177 DSCF7178 DSCF7179 DSCF7182 DSCF7183

Jacket: American Eagle (old), scarf: (old), dress: Zara, earrings: Bauble Bar, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, shoes: Sam Edelman, sunglasses: RayBan

Only a few more days until Thanksgiving break! I hope everyone is enjoying their November and if you’re in college, good luck on finals!


Rompin’ around

I think it’s safe to say now that I love rompers. They’re so easy to wear and comfy. I picked up this version at TopShop and I already have worn it so many times!! It’s perfect for day or night. It kind of looks like a dress when I’m standing, but then WAH-BAM it’s not, it has shorts so wind is no longer my enemy.



Top Shop romper, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Chanel espadrilles, Amazon sunglasses, old J Crew necklace

What do you think about rompers? I think they’re easy to wear all year here in Florida (considering we don’t experience a true winter), especially when it’s in a dark color like black. I’m planning on wearing this later in the year with a pullover sweater layered on top or a jacket + tights.


Don’t forget! Packing for your College wardrobe

Don't forget! Packing for College wardrobe
College is just around the corner! To me, summer flew by. It feels like last week when I was finishing finals. And now, I’ll be going into my senior (and final!) year! I gathered up a few items that are often overlooked while packing but shouldn’t be forgotten! It can be stressful packing for an entire year, so I hope this mini-list will help when it comes to your college wardrobe! These are just a few items that I wish I knew to bring along when I went into my first year of college.
1) Business attire. Universities often host several employment events that allow students to meet and interview with local (and some not-so-local!) employers. In addition, some schools often require business attire in some classes, like business courses. Packing a blazer and some nice work-appropriate shoes will save you from scrambling last minute.
2) Fitness clothes. Clothes like gym shorts will be worn more often than you think.
3) Umbrella + rain gear. In Florida, it rains a lot. And usually it’s random, unexpected downpours. I always carry an umbrella in my school bag. I also recommend having a pair of water-friendly shoes, whether they’re actual rain boots or beat-up converse, that can handle a little rain.
4) Seasonal layers. Bring some extra jeans, a few sweaters and a light jacket that can handle the weather shifts until your next trip home.
5) Cross-body bag + school and/or weekender bag. A great cross-body bag, like this Rebecca Minkoff one, will take you from game day tailgating to afterwards celebrations in Midtown. Another bag you’ll need is a small weekender bag for little trips you may take throughout the semester. My large Longchamp bag fits the perfect amount of clothes and doubles as my school bag.
6) Running sneakers, walking shoes + wedges. Don’t forget any of these!
Good luck packing! Don’t stress if you forget something. Chances are, you can either buy a similar item at school, have your kind mother mail it to you or just pick it up when you come back home for breaks.