Now trending: Bucket bags

Now trending: bucket bags
I have been loving bucket bags lately! I want to invest in a new fun bag and I think a mini bucket bag is perfect for summertime. I love that they can fit a lot even though they are still small. That mini Marc by Marc Jacobs bag might be my favorite ;)
These next few weeks are packed with exams, final projects and papers as school winds down. It’s hard to believe that I’ll be graduating in less than a month! Time surely has flown by. I just have a few more days of classes and then all I have to worry about is what dress to wear to graduation!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide
I can’t believe we’re already half-way through February! I feel like time is flying by, and it’s my last semester of college so part of me is very bittersweet about that.
I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s day. But I’ve also never been a hater. It’s just always just been another day of the year for me, except for the tinge of excitement for Feb. 15 when all that candy goes on sale.
With that being said, my mom’s birthday and my birthday are both in February. So, I definitely get in the spirit for thinking of gift ideas for giving and receiving (wink wink).
I think Valentine’s day is a great way to surprise someone you care about with a little gift, so I compiled this list of ideas for you! I’m pretty positive my mom and sister would love everything on this gift guide.
Not sure what to get the lady in your life? You definitely can’t go wrong with a beauty-related item like a nice nail polish or candle.
What are you giving your significant other (or your mom, aunt, sister, cousin, neighbor??) this Valentine’s day? Don’t forget the chocolates!

How to make your apartment feel like home

Howdy, strangers! I know I’ve been more MIA than Where’s Waldo, but I had a hectic past couple of months. Having finals after a jam-packed semester made me only want to crawl home and enjoy my family, free food and the beach, of course.But I’m back! And with a post I’ve been wanting to share for a while now. I’ve lived in an apartment for almost 4 years now, and I’ve always struggled with how to make it feel more “homey”.

Thankfully, my mom, who’s an interior designer, gave me a bunch of tips and DIY’s to make my room feel like I’m just at home.

I thought I’d share with you a few (inexpensive!) ideas on how to make your apartment cozy, just in time for the new year!

How to make your apartment feel like home

  • String some lights: These will brighten up your room without feeling glaring
  • Put up picture frames: It’s an easy way to make your apartment feel more “permanent” and adult without shelling out big bucks (check out Target and HomeGoods for some great options!)
  • Invest in cozy blankets: I swear by my Barefoot Dreams blanket. It’s the softest thing ever and you will never sleep without it. Guarantee.
  • Hang artwork: Etsy and Pinterest have hundreds of free artwork printables online. Bonus points if you hang them with washi tape!
  • Throw some pillows: Throw pillows are a perfect touch to any bed or couch!
  • Don’t forget scents: An easy way to make a room more homey is using candles or wax melters. If you’re missing home, try using a scent that reminds you home.
  • Add some green: Try potting some plants or succulents to sprinkle some green in your room!

Do any of you live in an apartment? How do you make your place feel more like home, especially with all those white walls?? Share some tips with me below in the comments!

Get polished for fall

It’s starting to get cooler here in Northern Florida, which means it’s officially fall! I can’t wait to spend the weekend carving pumpkins, watching Halloween movies (hello Hocus Pocus and Halloween Town!!) and just enjoying the beautiful weather.
One of the best ways for me to relax is painting my nails! Now, I love my pinks and reds, but lately I’ve been experimenting with more “fall”-like colors, like grey and dark raspberry. I recently picked up Essie’s Chinchilly and I love it! I’m used to wearing more neutral colors, so this fit the bill perfectly! Switching up your nail color is an easy way for me to feel in the autumn spirit, even when it’s still 80 degrees outside!
I made a chart below to help you choose what nail polish you should try out this season! I generally buy mine at CVS, but if you’re looking for a great deal–try Amazon!! They always have higher brand polishes, like Essie or Butter London (two of my favorites) for cheaper, and you can almost always find those past season colors too!
I hope you all have a great weekend! I’m planning on enjoying every minute! I already have plans to have a movie night, carve pumpkins and go to one of my favorite restaurants with friends! P.S. Hocus Pocus and The Haunted Mansion come on ABC Family both Saturday and Sunday this weekend! You know what I’ll be doing…