As you may already know, I’m changing blogs! It’s been a journey here at UF Fashion Files, but after graduation, I decided to make the leap over to my new site, Miki Petite, with a different URL and blog name. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, and after spending weeks editing and changing the design, I am in love with the final result. You can read more about the process over on my new blog!


I hope you like the changes too! Let me know what you think.




Beachy waves with KISS InstaWave

I love beachy waves hair. My hair is naturally very curly, but I always lust over loose, full, messy waves. However, I don’t like using traditional curling irons because 1) I always burn my fingers (ouch!) and 2) I can never get the waves to last without loading up on smelly hairspray (which, then, ruins the softness of the waves).

So, when I received this KISS InstaWave automatic curler in the mail the other day, I was so excited to try it out! It’s so simple and I didn’t burn my fingers once! I promise you’ll love it.

Step 1: Separate hair (if you have thicker hair, like me, you’ll need to separate into more sections)

Step 2: Gather a small section of hair (1-2 inches wide) to curl and hold the curler vertically (very important) and parallel to your head. Get it as close to your root as possible.

Step 3: Press the “twirler” button, which automatically twists the ends of the sectioned hair up into the curler. The plastic tongs surrounding the hot curling rod hold the hair into place. No hands needed, and no burnt fingertips. You can determine if you want waves facing in or out depending on the direction you twirl the hair. Easy as that! I alternated so I would have full, looser waves.

Step 4: Release your hair by slowly pulling down the curler. It seems like with all the twirling your hair would get tangled, but mine never did! Not once! I was surprised how simple it was. Also, the longer you hold the hair in the curler, the tighter the curl.

Step 5: Brush out your curls with your fingers to loosen up the look & enjoy!

What do you think? I can’t wait to put this curler to use and finally try out beachy waves all summer long!

 Thanks to KISS InstaWave for sponsoring this post


In case you didn’t hear my shouts from the rooftops (only a mild exaggeration), I graduated! It was a crazy, whirlwind weekend filled with memories I’ll always cherish. We arrived Saturday afternoon a few hours before the ceremony to attend my college’s cocktail hour and take a few pictures around campus! I wore this Lilly Pulitzer dress with my favorite Steve Madden heels.

The best part was that this year they held the graduation ceremony in the football stadium for the first time in over 40 years. I was so worried we’d be melting from heat and humidity, but it was actually a beautiful night and the coolest experience ever!

I’m so so so beyond grateful for all the memories I made these past 3 years and for all my friends and my loving family for always being there for me. Go Gators!

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Now trending: Bucket bags

Now trending: bucket bags
I have been loving bucket bags lately! I want to invest in a new fun bag and I think a mini bucket bag is perfect for summertime. I love that they can fit a lot even though they are still small. That mini Marc by Marc Jacobs bag might be my favorite ;)
These next few weeks are packed with exams, final projects and papers as school winds down. It’s hard to believe that I’ll be graduating in less than a month! Time surely has flown by. I just have a few more days of classes and then all I have to worry about is what dress to wear to graduation!